Sommer Place HOA News and Notes Oct. 23, 2016

Hello Sommer Place Neighbors,


The Sommer Place HOA Board would like to welcome Christian Zalesky to the HOA Board.  Christian will be taking the role of Vice President.


The HOA Board for the 2016-2017 consists of:


President–Candice Smith

Vice President–Christian Zalesky

Treasurer–Angie Boylan

Secretary–Susan Gradman

Director–Bill MacFarlane

Director–Katie Koors

Director–Andres Naranjo


If you have any questions or comments for the HOA Board please send them to and we will get back to you in a timely matter.  We ask that you please use this means of communication

As a reminder that due to the website validation steps only one e mail address per household can be granted website access.


Sommer Place Events:


The end of October brings the Halloween season.  Neighborhood Halloween Trick or Treating will take place on Monday night Oct 31 from 5-8:00 pm.  Please ensure children are supervised and safe.


The Sommer Place Neighborhood Halloween Party and Soup/Chili Cook-Off Competition will be held on Friday October 28th starting at 5pm in Paola & Steve Hinton’s backyard, 6514 Willow Oak Court. There will be games, costume parade, food and fun! Everyone is welcome! Bring your own drinks and a dish  to share and please consider entering our Soup/Chili Cook-Off for the coveted prized engraved ladle and neighborhood bragging rights. Thank you to the Hinton’s for hosting this event.


Sommer Place Projects:


Sommer Place developers in conjunction with the City have recently rectified the problem of water backing up and not draining from the land behind Willow Oak, Ironwood and Buckeye cul-de-sacs by installing a more efficient drainage system.  This problem was corrected at no cost to the Sommer Place HOA. Thank you to those residents who have remained in contact with the city to make sure this gets corrected.


We have received some questions about some houses in the sub division that have seen unsightly green algae appear on their siding.  This was most likely caused by the heavy rains, humidity and not much sunlight hitting that area of the siding to dry it out. Usually a simple power wash with some soap should remove it, however if it does reappear then unfortunately it may be inside the siding.  If you have this algae on your house, please clean it as soon as possible.


The unstable brick structure bridge remains a ‘work in progress’ so please ensure you do not let your children near this area to avoid any accidents.  We will continue to have the horses on the side walk as a reminder to stay away.

We have had several companies come out to look at it with all agreeing the footing was not done properly during installation.  Bids to fix the stability have been extremely high and therefore alternatives are being looked at.  We will continue to look at the best options both appearance wise and financially.


If you have received a covenant violation letter please contact us at and advise that you have corrected the issue or the plan to correct it, so we may update our records.  Outstanding violations will be subject to a fine if not rectified.


We would like to remind everyone the HOA cannot preform any landscaping maintenance or projects in undeveloped common areas or common areas where construction is still in progress.  Once those  areas are turned over to the Sommer Place HOA, from the developer, then we can perform any landscape work that is needed. Those areas usually are not turned over until construction is completed and that area is added to our insurance coverage.


In conclusion, we are in the process of finalizing the budget for the 2016/2017 year.  When completed, it will send it out via e mail and posted to our website.


Thank you for reading and have a happy and safe Halloween.


The HOA Board

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