September 20, 2014 HOA Meeting Minutes…

– opened with Peoria Pest Control meeting discussion around bed bugs and travel
– open meeting
– discussed exploratory pool committee – a handful of neighbors interested and this committee will look into the feasibility of a pool and if it would or could make sense
– dues should be paid and sent in to the HOA PO Box specified on the dues letter. already 75% of them are returned. thank you.
– treasurer had to leave this morning for a meeting so we don’t have the budget info this morning and will post it on the HOA website as soon as he returns
– capital projects: did complete the lighting project and overall fairly well received. we will continue to look into capital projects to improve the overall neighborhood and open to suggestions if anyone wants to submit ideas please contact the HOA.
– covenants enforcement walk thru will be happening soon and also again in Spring. just making sure everything is in order for all properties.
– bylaws will be discussed again for the next meeting and trying to get the bylaws updated, competed, and passed to officially move forward.
– officer elections: Alicia Staubus takes over as President, Bill McFarlane takes over as Director, Amar Kumar takes over as Treasurer

– Alicia discussed upcoming events:
– Oct 4 is neighborhood wide garage sale
– Oct 11 is the 5K run and the kids fun run – registration all online – need more participants!
– Oct 26 at 5pm is the neighborhood Halloween party. Will be on Sunday night at the Hinton’s house right next to Sommer Park.
– Oct 31 trick or treating from 5pm – 8pm
– December will be a Holiday Decorating Contest again

– Mubeen discussed landscaping update:
– Travis Friye is moving so getting quotes now on new partners for next year
– open up bid process for next year early in the Spring
– few trees on the Koerner Road area need replaced and will be replaced
– lighting strike caused a few trees to be damaged. 1 we are trying to let grow back. the other tree was hit as well as irrigation system. working on that issue and fix currently.
– Berms along Koerner in new section are not turned over yet to HOA so we cannot put trees there yet to match the rest. Suspect in next year or so it will be turned over but currently not ours as well as the entrance area

– Tom Armstrong will handle the new entrance in the Spring and plans to sod that area but no plans to put brick entrance up. After some more discussions Tom has come back and offered up to $5,000 for the entrance to have something else put there. This really should be a builder / developer issue and expense and not the HOA expense. Please contact Tom and encourage them to put a professional entrance there to match the original entrance.
– no signs going forward in common area. you can put signs in your own yard. if you are promoting garage sale or birthday party or something that’s fine for a day or two, but no signs to be placed in the common area for long times. The HOA must pre-approve signs if they are in going in the common area.
– Sommer Place Gives: Leslie Guidry is running this group. Any coats or warm winter wear she will take to Peoria Rescue Ministry to help those in need in our neighborhood.
– concerns over stop sign at park entrance – concerns overall about stop signs in neighborhood and trying to get people to pay more attention and take part of the stop signs in the neighborhood. huge safety issue and complaints. Alicia is calling the city to discuss.
– concerns over speeding in the neighborhood still. all of us need to pay attention and watch.
– concerns for school children in morning and unsafe speeding and keeping an eye open for kids in the morning.
– concerns about sidewalk safety for winter snow removal and keeping paths clean to allow school children to walk and get to the bus stops safely. request that parents contact the school board to put pressure on them and push to get more stops especially in winter. a lot of concerns around safety.
the board will explore the costs for sidewalk snow removal if neighbors do not comply.
– discussions about allowing other voting methods for bylaws.
– question around how many total houses now in HOA….we have around 250 at this time.
– peddlers….make sure we call non-emergency service immediately.
– Alicia urges everyone to proactively contact HOA Board members with any issues/ideas/concerns so we can work together as a neighborhood to continue to make this the best neighborhood in Peoria.

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