Petition for Zoning Change

Sommer Place Residents,

The purpose of this message is to request your signature on a petition opposing the Weaver’s zoning change application.  We need the help of ALL residents by printing, signing, and returning to 6103 W Red Cedar Ln (corner of White Fir and Red Cedar) in the mailbox.

The HOA’s of Chadwick Place, Chadwick Estates and Sommer Place have been in a couple meetings with the Weavers and our respective attorneys.  While there has been some discussion on making changes to what the Weavers filed and another meeting is schedule between us for 1/26, the actual filing has not been revised and the request is still planned to be reviewed by the zoning commission on 3/1.

Therefore, we believe we need to engage homeowners to voice our concerns and to use as leverage in the next meeting.  This will only be effective if we get over 75% resident participation so that means yes, we need each and every one of you!

Summary of why Sommer Place Residents should be concerned:

  1. Decreased value of our homes (ie. Money out of YOUR pocket)
  2. Increased school density without proportional tax contributions (apartments)
  3. No limitations on type of commercial development (could be tattoo parlors and adult magazine stores in a strip mall)
  4. Inconsistent development plan to the general area
  5. Current zoning of the land is R-2 which is consistent with adjacent development and does not allow for apartments


We would like to have a homeowners meeting for all HOA’s on Monday 1/29 at 7pm. The location is TBD but hopefully Methodist college.  We will use this meeting to get folks up to speed again follwing the 1/26 meeting with the Weavers, address any questions, and discuss the next steps.

Thank you for taking time to support your neighborhood in this important matter.

Sommer Place HOA


Download the petition here

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