What To Do In An Emergency

From the Peoria Police Department best practice.
1. If its looks suspicious report it. (Try and do this in a timely manner in order to keep description vivid in your memory. Try and remember details such as vehicle description, plate information, cloths and colors of said person, long hair curly hair etc. the more the better!
2. Exterior lighting on: Dont leave your house dark where someone can lerk around. Leave on outside lights…and replace your bulbs in street lights PLEASE!
3. Before leaving or going to bed to a safety check of home. Check all doors and locked. If you sleep with windows open shut them, lock the windows. have locks put on sliding door etc.

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*Tornado Safety*

In Illinois, most tornadoes occur from April through June, during the midafternoon through early evening hours, but they can occur any time of day and any month of the year. Last year, Illinois had 73 tornadoes, well above the 30-year average of 46 tornadoes. In 2006, Illinois set a state record with 124 tornadoes. Illinois ranks fifth in the nation in tornado frequency per square mile. There were no fatalities and only 8 injuries from tornadoes in 2011. The strongest tornado, rated EF3, struck near Girard in Macoupin County on April 19.

When a tornado threatens, you may only have seconds to save yourself and your family. Have a preparedness plan for your home, school, and workplace.

Know where to find the best tornado shelter.

  • In a home, go to the basement and get under the stairwell, or under a heavy piece of furniture. If there is no basement, go to an interior closet, hall or bathroom on the lowest floor and stay away from windows.
    Cover your head with pillows or sofa cushions.
  • In schools, hospitals, churches and office buildings, go to small interior rooms or interior halls on the lowest floor. Long corridors with doors or windows on the end can act as wind tunnels. Stay away from windows. Avoid large open areas with free span roofs such as gymnasiums and cafeterias.
  • In steel and concrete high rise buildings, it is not necessary to get to the lowest floor, but go to interior halls, bathrooms or closets. Stay away from windows.
  • In shopping centers, avoid large open areas and glass. Seek shelter in bathrooms, small interior spaces and behind counters. Do not attempt to escape in your vehicle.
  • Abandon mobile homes and vehicles for a nearby reinforced building. As a last resort lie flat in a ditch. Do not seek shelter under an overpass.
  • A *tornado watch* means severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are possible in your area over the next few hours. Be prepared.
  • A *tornado warning* means a tornado has been sighted by a trained storm spotter, or intense rotation that will likely produce a tornado has been detected by Doppler radar. Get to a place of safety immediately.
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