Neighborhood Directory

Directory update from Mark Monge-and a slight change. We have just shy of 100 homes that have emailed their info to be in the directory out of about 250ish. Some of the other subdivisions we have done have done it in reverse-sending out a request for anyone that want’s to be excluded, and if they don’t hear anything back they give us a list of all of the homeowners and addresses That’s not a bad idea. So…we thought we might try the same. If you don’t want to be INCLUDED, just drop me an email at and let me know. If you have already submitted your information to me, thanks, and it will be INCLUDED. If we don’t hear from a resident saying they want to be EXCLUDED, then just the homeowner’s name and address will be included (no phone number/email/personal info). We will work on getting this all wrapped up this week! Thanks!

There was shown to be an interest to have a neighborhood directory. Mark and Jennifer Monge will be putting something in everyone’s mailbox newspaper holder as well as taking emails. If emailed, please email to with “Directory” in the heading. We’ll just need your first and last names, childrens names (optional), address, phone number, email address. I’ll also post on the SP Facebook page another time or two as reminders. I’ll send the questionnaire in the next few days to the mailboxes, and feel free to either drop those off to my newspaper holder on my mailbox (6519 Sommer Place) , or email the information in. For those mailboxes without a newspaper holder, I’ll put it in your mailbox but I’m assuming the mail lady will probably grab those if you don’t get to it first. Feel free to email me the info described above. I’ll try to have a deadline of Nov 5th to have all of names/addresses gathered, and I’ll send out one final reminder before then. Everyone that turns in a name/address will get a directory delivered to them. None of the information gathered will be used for anything other than the directory. If you have a child that is a snow remover/grass mower/baby sitter/dog sitter, feel free to provide that as well.

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