Minutes March 19 2016

Sommer Place HOA Meeting Minutes.  Mar 19, 2016

Hello Sommer Place Neighbors,

The following e mail contains the minutes from the HOA meeting on Sat March 19, 2016.  We will provide some updates following the written minutes.

HOA Meeting Minutes Mar 19

Candice starts meeting by doing introductions. All  HOA members present introduce themselves, including Andres, our newest HOA member.

Candice updates residents on completed and ongoing projects.

Completed: Koerner & Clairemont entrance sign completed.  Trees throughout neighborhood have been replaced if needed.  Mark Hoerr will continue to remove evergreens because salt was killing them. Sidewalk on Ironwood cul-de-sac completed.

On-going: Bridge structure footing is bad.  Landscaping/ maintenance will continue to be ongoing project.

Covenants will be done soon.  Check for landscaping, lighting, etc.  For all non-landscaping issues ( ie lamp posts, retaining walls, gates, parking issues etc ) are to be fixed in 30 days. Landscaping has until end of August 2016 when hoa dues are sent out giving them all Spring & summer to fix. Once we hit Fall and Winter, no landscaping will be being completed anyway.

Of cause if they contact HOA and advise when work will be completed, they are not in violation.

Slow down signs are being looked into.  Reminder to residents to please slow down.

HOA dues in Fall.  2 positions will be open, VP and director.  Email if interested.

Updates will be made through website, only some on FB.

Treasurer report and discussion of budget.

Social committee report:  file on Facebook outlines social events. April 30 is spring garage sales. There will be an end of the school year party. Summer block parties will start in June.

Questions from residents:  How do we get police presence in our neighborhood? Are speed bumps an option?  Candice discussed what had been done in past and said another call would be made in regards to people driving too fast/safety concerns.

Since the HOA meeting we wanted to provide some updates.

The City of Peoria has fixed the sidewalk at the front entrance of Koerner Rd and Sommer Pl.  As they were working they clipped the irrigation system, but have fixed that problem.

The bridge structure is still unstable.  We will continue to block off the sidewalk as we are looking into different options to repair it.

A few of us on the HOA Board have been in contact with the City of Peoria and the Police Department about the constant speeding, running of stop signs and running of bus stop signs.  The City has added stop signs at all T intersections and we are continuing to seek more of a police presence.  They are opening a 30 day traffic report to patrol Sommer Place several times a day.  Though not sure when that will go into effect.

Thank you and if anyone has any questions please e mail the HOA Board at


The HOA Board.


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