April HOA Meeting Minutes


Thanks to all who attended the HOA meeting this past weekend. Below is a recap of the meeting and topics discussed in order to help keep everyone in the neighborhood up to speed with progress and updates. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for helping to make Sommer Place a GREAT neighborhood.

– September we have quite a few openings and need people to step-up and assist: – 2 residents have expressed interest
– Open positions to include: President, Treasurer and Director

– Bridge Lighting update on back-half of subdivision: The bridge itself having issues. That area was a valley and it was filled in when work was started approx. 8 years ago to build that bridge area. The bridge is not as stable as it needs to be due to the area below not being settled and potentially not correct footings to allow for long-term stability. One side of the bridge is leaning quite bad and something will need to be done. The HOA Board is getting bids and discussing options. The first few bids are as much as $18,000 so we are evaluating multiple options including fixing the bridge, removing the bridge and landscaping, etc. Still evaluating and hope to have a decision in next 4 to 6 weeks on plan moving forward.

– Covenants Enforcement: With Spring weather upon us we will have a Spring Covenants review and walk the neighborhood just making sure everything is up to expectations and meeting HOA covenants. Typically the biggest issues is plantings and making sure you have a tree in your front yard and landscaping along the front of the house.

– Next Meeting: Another HOA meeting will be held in June to try and pass the by-laws. Currently covenants state how we must pass the by-laws. The proposed by-laws are posted on HOA webiste. They were determined and set-up by third party lawyer who handles other subdivisions and are in line. Currently we need to get by-laws passed and approved which we are still working on. The by-laws will serve as the rules for the governing of the HOA board and are important now and for our future.

– The neighborhood will continue to work on landscaping. The berms were done last year. The new berms not turned over to the HOA yet, but some homeowners have already planted trees…THANK YOU!

– The board renewed the contract with Travis Friye on mowing as well as treatment again for the Ash Borer.

– The board is working with a third party on spring clean-up quotes for mulch, flowers, etc. and starting to clean-up main areas. Past years homeowners helped but we could never get enough help so this year we will use outside business.

– The sprinklers are starting next week and will begin watering everything

– HOA dues: We are hiring On Call Management company to manage our dues collection process. This makes serving on the board more attractive and also takes over the collection of dues. This currently takes a lot of time and effort from the Board. Multiple other neighborhoods are also using this same service with solid results. They will handle all the dues, collections, past due, etc.
– The fee is between $5 and $10 per house for them to collect and run this function but is still under discussion. This Company will assist with the tax paperwork and other areas.

– Budget Update: Financially stable. Continue to put about $5,000 per year in reserve to help for future needs. The mowing was bumped up to handle new common areas, more landscaping to work around, etc. The lighting project has money set aside to get started. Some other areas bumped slightly based on prior year expenses.
– Copy of the updated budget has been loaded on the HOA website at

– Easter Egg hunt went well…THANK YOU to all who assisted

– All Social Committee Updates and details on website. We are trying to proactively communicate as much as possible. Some upcoming functions this year include:
– Bi-monthly ladies night out
– SommerPlace Gives: Some neighbors are forming a group within the neighborhood that promotes local charitable events within the community and look for ways for SommerPlace to help and give back as a neighborhood and help our Community. Examples include volunteering in Washington after the tornado, volunteering at food bank, and others as year moves forward. Contact Leslie Guidry through Facebook or email at

– Sommer Place fit club: Cheri Rudolf will lead. Trained beachbody coach. These will be FREE fit clubs. For men and women. All skill levels open. 1pm – 2pm. Will be lead by Cheri and FREE……starting after Easter. Contact Cheri for more details. Friend her on Facebook or email her at

– Men’s 3 on 3 Basketball sign-up: More information will be coming soon. Games will take place on Sunday afternoons at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30. Contact Scott Gardner through facebook or email him at

– Sommer Place cocktails start in June More of block party theme, issue, etc. City requires permit. Only houses affected by block need to sign. Will try to do it in small area so that we can be safe. 4 to 6 houses typically per street to work together. Street captains will get permit signed by those neighbors involved.

– 4th of July picnic
– Tuesdays at the park – may to august from 9 – 11 am
– 5K run
– garage sale May 17 – 8am – 1pm
– garage sale – October
– trick or treating

– Speed bump ideas / thoughts, etc. There has been discussion with the City of Peoria and no interest on their part with having any type of speed bumps installed either permanently or removable. We will request the speed radar sign be brought in for a period of time again to help remind people of their speed. We are open to ideas and thoughts and want to keep everyone safe.

– Question regarding the new entrance off Koerner Road and when to expect signs, landscaping, etc. similar to the front entrance. At this time the developer of that side has not agreed to put anything in. If you would like to see something installed (especially if you purchased in that new section) you may send an email to the developers inquiring or asking them to put an entryway of similar stature and design as the main Sommer Place entrance. The main developer is Armstrong Builders and the email address is:

– Question regarding the mailbox update. No new changes regarding the Cluster Box Units off North White Fir. Overall there is a bill in House of Reps that would require all old houses retrofitted and a move to Cluster Box Units in all neighborhoods, etc. but we don’t expect that to pass. This initiative is being pushed by US Postal Service.

– Question regarding charitable contributions and truck coming through after the May 17th garage sales. Alicia is still working on the details but plan is to have a truck come through after garage sale for non-profit to drive through and take stuff to donate…..1:30ish. We have requested a bigger truck if possible as last year it filled up quickly.

Facebook: Sommer Place has a Facebook Group Page named “Sommer Place” and can be found on the following link This is a “closed” group, and allows us all to communicate with our neighborhood.
HOA Website: Sommer Place also has a neighborhood web site that you are welcome to sign up for.

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