Weaver property rezoning

We wanted to provide an update, and hopefully the last for a while, on the Weaver property rezoning.


Good news – we met with the Weavers and their attorney on Wednesday and they are withdrawing their rezoning filing. They indicated we were too far apart on issues and it did not make sense to continue the process without an active buyer for their property.  Not sure there is ever a win in these situations but this is about as positive an outcome given homeowners’ concerns as we could have hoped.


Not surprising, the Weavers do plan to still seek interested buyers. They indicated they would reach out to us if they plan to re-file. The Weavers also committed to encouraging any future buyer to reach out to us as soon as practicable for us to work on any details with development. As we understand it, what would likely happen is someone would enter into an arrangement to purchase their land contingent upon zoning approval. This would be our opportunity to influence the process as we have done. If you hear of any rumors regarding any development/sale feel to reach out to a board member and we can contact the Weavers to validate.


We do want to say the Weavers were very forthright, transparent, and amicable during the process. They opened their home up from the start to share the proposal. They have been good neighbors and generously offer their land for charitable events on a regular basis. We all wish they would live a long life and stay on the property!


Thanks for your support throughout the process. Your attendance at meetings, signing petitions, sending emails, contacting city representatives, and being engaged was invaluable to the outcome.

The positive outcome only happened because homeowners got involved and worked together. We would ask you to continue your involvement in your neighborhood – it could just be a neighborhood block captain, attend social events, offer input at HOA meetings, or even serve on the board. Any involvement requires very little and can ensure we continue to have great neighborhoods.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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