Sommer Place Garage sales…

Sommer Place Neighborhood Spring Garage Sale Saturday May 2nd from 8am to 1pm In years’ past, there have been some sales/pre-sales on Friday but our main sale will remain on Saturday. A non-profit truck (TBA) will be driving around beginning after the sales to pick up donations. If you have a lot to donate and plan to itemize, it will save time if you make a list while you are waiting for the truck to arrive at your home.

Ads will be placed in the PJ Star, Home Shopper and Craigslist. Feel free to promote the event any way you can! Signs will be at War Memorial and the main entrance of the neighborhood. If you are participating in the garage sales, you will want to purchase a garage sale sign (can be purchased at the Dollar Tree) for the end of your street and consider using balloons on your mailbox to grab attention to your sale. Make it a family event! Kids love doing bake sales/lemonade/coffee/soda. You can also consider doing a benefit sale. (The next neighborhood garage sale will be held Saturday October 3)
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