September 2012 HOA Meeting Minutes

Saturday September 29, 2012
Sommer Place Park

Adam Chaddock brought the meeting to order and introduced the Board Members who were present.

-Discussed uniformity via covenant changes with the developers -Everything is grandfathered in for what is in place so far.
-New phases of the neighborhood will be part of the HOA as they are established.
-Covenant enforcement will continue to be addressed by Jason Bloms and the HOA Board will do a walk around after November 1st to check compliance -Extentions for covenant violation corrections can be discussed with the HOA Board Members for consideration on an individual basis.
-Survey results will be on the website and emailed to those on our distribution list. Adam will also mail out a copy if requested.
-Trees will be planted along Koerner Road. We are also getting quotes for lighting along Sommer Blvd and the bridge -There is consideration for a poool and discussions concerning a private option. Details will be forthcoming as they are available.

-Passed out and went over the budget info -Budget will be on the website

Announced annual/upcoming events, Street Captains, Website, and Facebook

-There was a discussion concerning the voting process and it was determined that we will hold a neighborhood-wide vote pertaining to the percentage needed to make a covenant change.
-There was discussion concerning the need for details pertaining to a potential pool in the neighborhood before a vote can occur. Details would include overall cost of the pool, dues, one time assessment, private funding options and who would have access.
-There was a request that we also get clubhouse-only figures to vote on.

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