May 3, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Sommer Place HOA Meeting – May 3rd – Started 2:10…..
> –  intro of board members
> –  discussion around facebook…no HOA responses will be given through Facebook.  Email the board at sommerplace email address and a formal response will be given so we can track inquiries and responses.
> –  Bill Mcfarlene is helping monitor main email address and forwarding inquiries to correct board members to address questions / concerns
> –  basic info on Service Master regarding water damage and what to do if your house gets water in the basement or a pipe burst etc.  Service Master not able to join today so they left some packets with detailed info.  Had a few homeowners who have used them and the process was seamless.  Packets of info handed out for attendees that were interested.
> –    Bill is liaison with Peoria Police Dept and we are registered with Neighborhood Watch.  Shared basic updates from PD meeting about keeping lights on when out of town and making sure a neighbor knows you are gone so they can monitor your house for activity.  Keep your front lightpost maintained so that lights are working and your front area is lit up.  If you can put lights in your backyard or security lighting to light up areas that helps deter activity as well.  If you have a security system make sure you use it.
> –  Neighborhood watch update.  New signs going into the newer part of the subdivision and the older signs will be upgraded and replaced.  These signs have been shown to create some type of deterrent.  We will do a neighborhood relaunch with the Peoria police dept. this summer as well and continue to build relationships with them.
> –  Contact 911 for emergency, but non-emergency police # is always good choice for non-threatening activity and PD will look into it.  Facebook helps, but make sure you call non-emergency # as well.
> –  Keep an eye out for safety and speeding through Sommer Blvd back to the park.  Trying to get more runs through here to keep an eye on activity.
> –  Question regarding putting up more stop signs to help slow traffic.  There are many new streets with no stop signs at all.  Bill will look into it and see about more stop signs in the neighborhood.  Bill will take a look at Sommer Place to see if we’re “missing” a stop sign possibly.  It will be a police dept request and not sure who it goes through from there.
> –  Question about can we ask police to patrol the neighborhood more.
> –  Question about another entrance to Sommer Park so that everyone is not coming through the main entrance.  Answer is that the park is Peoria Park District so no control from us and the PPD had no interest in creating and monitoring another entrance.
> –  Amar went over budget update.  With all projects included we are going to save a little bit more than originally budgeted.  Saving about $1,500 more than originally thought for this budget year.  We continue to work from the approved budget and stay within budget.
> –  Reserves…have $15,000 in savings account reserves plus  a few thousand in the checking account reserves.
> –  Dues Collection:  We had 100% collection rate of dues with the new management company and the mgmt company has been great at helping collect and monitor, etc.
> –  Amar walked through the budget to give line item detail so everyone understands where the dollars are allocated and how it all breaks down.
> –  Candice Smith update:  We hired Mark Hoerr landscaping this year to manage the entire property of Sommer Place from landscaping to mowing to sprinkler maintenance etc.  Mark has been extremely helpful, responsive, and reasonable for any requests and has been great.
> –  If you have common ground property and need to access it or do something you must ask the board and work through the board to make sure no issues.  If you are on a common ground area please reach out to HOA with any request etc.
> –  Koerner Rd project update.  Large evergreen was removed for safety issues.  Multiple complaints about that tree the past 2 years.  We have worked with the developers of the neighborhood to help complete the new entrance with handicap accessible sidewalks and also putting a mini brick structure to make that a more formal entrance on that second entrance.  We were able to get Tom Armstrong to commit to doing that structure, but we have ZERO input into it, what it looks like, and the timing to get it done.  We are hoping this year, but no commitments.  it should be similar to other entrance but only on one side of the street we believe on St Jude house side.
> –  Once Tom Armstrong finishes the brick structure we will landscape it to look similar to main entrance.  That expense is already in the budget and we will work to stay within budget.
> –  The trees along Koerner are now complete as well.  This was a prior started project that was always in the budget to complete and in the HOA plan and developer plan to complete.  Everything now is in the ground and grass seed will be handled shortly.  Seeding will be cleaned-up shortly.
> –  Question:  One of the large trees down Sommer blvd was down in a storm.  Ash trees all down that drive so we did not replace that tree.  An Ash was there so we have not replaced and may not replace.  We will continue to monitor the landscaping and issues there.
> –  We do treat all the ash trees down Sommer blvd and will continue to treat them to try and keep ash borer out of them.
> –  Covenant enforcement.  If you get a letter please contact us if any issues…we will work with you.  We are changing the timing to do letters for March with letters and expected to have everything cleaned up during planting season so that it is easier for homeowners to manage.  We work with homeowners on requests…we are trying to keep the spirit of the convenants enforced.
> –  Scott Gardner update on electrical and sprinklers at main entrance.  Everything is up and running.  We have had some issues with water and the electrical spliced areas by main entrance and trying to maintain best we can.
> –  Angie Boylan – social committee update.  Garage Sales both Spring and Fall, 4th of July parade, Halloween Party, Christmas Caroling, Easter Egg Hunt, Sommer Place Block Parties, possibly moving 5K to every other year due to lower participation,  Mens 3 on 3 Basketball league starting in a few weeks, we have monthly bunco, ladies nights out, book club, and other events and we try to put something on Facebook.  For garage sales kids did a lemonade stand to donate to St Jude.
> –  Reminder to keep your dogs on leashes at all times and please pick-up after your dog.  We continue to receive a lot of complaints about neighbors letting their dogs go to the bathroom in yards or on sidewalks and driveways without cleaning up after their pets.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and clean-up after your dog.

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