HOA Meeting

HOA Meeting 11/18/18

Members in attendance: Katie, Lauren, Mark, Colee, Adam, Eric, Dan, Christian

New members: Lauren- Welcome Committee; Adam- Vice President; Colee- Facebook Chair

Reviewed roles and responsibilities for new members

Budget Reviewed by Eric

Camera policy and brief history provided by Christian- Police (police report or subpoena to get footage), new camera installed on Clairmont entrance to improve optic zoom. Dan will be 2nd person with access to video storage.

Retention Wall- discussed processĀ  being made, what still needs to be completed (sod/seed); policy for retaining $500 security deposit; received a few emails regarding mess still in back yard (pallets)

Sleigh Ride- approved $500 to social committee

Christmas Decorating contest- advertised on Facebook, HOA will vote by December 21st; $50 gift card to winner

Discussed restrictions/by-laws; would need 60% approval from all homeowners to approve

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