HOA meeting 4/27/13

Location: Sommer Place Park

Meeting to order at 2:06pm. Questions and comments are subject to a time limit discussion will be cut off in order to keep meeting to a reasonable length.

I. Dues – HOA dues were due in the fall. After numerous attempts to collect, three (3) houses still owe money. The HOA attorney will be getting involved to collect dues.

II. By laws – By laws provide a manual for the HOA board to govern. Sommer Place is currently having a neighborhood vote on the by laws. The original draft of the by laws was given to us by our HOA lawyer, who has worked with many neighborhood HOAs. To vote, every house was mailed a postcard for their vote. In the future, the HOA will be doing on line voting.

(Question 1): a neighbor asked about the about the “directors and officers” that are members of the board. (Answer): The document intends to keep 7 people on the board – three of whom are directors and four of whom are officers.
(Question 2) – a neighbor asked about section 4.02 that states “members would not necessarily be residents”. (Answer): There is an example of a Peoria HOA where a court appointed non-neighbor was added to HOA.
(Question 3, 4, 5) – a neighbor asked about the Dues of $150 (and believed that it was more than other divisions); and that the by laws that state that voting will take place at neighborhood meetings doesn’t align with the covenants; and that as a result this neighborhood could add a pool without 75% of homeowners agreeing. (Answer) $150 is a reasonable annual HOA dues amount for a new subdivision. The elected board does what is customary and allowed and is able to spend up to $5000 for the neighborhood. (Answer) Neighbors are able to vote at meetings even if they are out of town because they can send a proxy to the meetings. 75% of homeowners voting is not customary. For example, Chadwick has 20% of homeowners needed for a vote. (Response from a neighbor) We could keep the 75% of homeowners needed for a vote, but homeowners need to vote within 2 weeks. (Response from a neighbor) We should have 40% to pass, but vote could be overridden by the 75%
(Question 6) – a neighbor needed clarification about Section 415. (Answer) The board has power to create a budget and assess. The board does not, however, have the power to make special assessments. We have a reserve fund to pay for unexpected expenses. (Response from a neighbor – to clarify why a special assessment might be needed) He has seen a special assessments collected in a neighborhood where there was a common fountain that broke and needed to be repaired.

III. New construction phase – The entrance to the new phase, according to the builders, will have a “single pillar,” as opposed to an entranceway similar to the one on Sommer Place. Tom Armstrong and Bill Pfeiffer, the builders, have been working on the new covenants will be filled with the City of Peoria soon.

IV. Covenants violations – There are 20 homes that lack a tree in front. Letters of non-compliance will be sent soon. Monthly fines will begin, if violations are not corrected before June. Other violations include homes that lack landscaping in front. HOA covenants read that homes can not have grass growing up to the front side of homes.

V. Landscaping – Kool Season’s was last years’ landscaper, this year Travis Friye, a Sommer Place resident, is our new landscaper. This is not the first time SP has switched providers. SP switched from the original team that Tom Armstrong hired to that of our then neighbor, Kameron Velasquez, owner of Kool Seasons. Kameron has since left the neighborhood.
a. Landscaping Event – There is a neighborhood landscaping event May 25th. If you are in town, come out to help with mulching and weeding of the common areas. It would be helpful to get a head count, so please email Mubeen Khan at . Plan to meet at the front of the neighborhood in the morning. More details will be posted on line
b. (Question about lighting) (Answer) Lighting plans will be addressed next.

VI. Budget – SP budget has been posted on our website. We have two accounts there is over $19,000 in our main account; and there is over $10,000 in our reserve account. The spring season, however, is when we spend most of our money for the year. In the last year, the largest expense is approximately $11,000 for trees. The second largest budget item is for lighting. The current HOA plan would have lighting in the median area. Depending on cost, the focus may be on the front and the bridge. Lighting is necessary for both aesthetic and safety reasons.
a. (Question) a neighbor asked if we should we post the “past due” people on the web. (Answer) President , Adam Chaddock, responded that he liked the idea, but there are no plans to do so at this time. Treasurer, Jeremy Howard, clarified that the houses that have not paid their dues there are contributing factors, like new ownership, etc. that have played a roll .

VII. Social Activities – Alicia Staubus announced the names of the street captains for SP. Announcement: Monthly ladies night will be at PV2 in May. Report of past and future SP social activities: Easter egg hunt; Garage sale; Sommer Place cocktail parties; 4th of July activities; Sommer Place first annual 5K. Todd Hochmuth (neighbor, not HOA Board) is organizing an adult kickball/softball league. Sign-up sheet is available. Scott Gardner (also a neighbor, not HOA board) is organizing the 2nd year of SP men’s basketball league. Mary Vandenavond announced that there is an upcoming meeting about the larger Sommer Park Wednesday, May 1st.

VIII. Adjournment

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