2017 Sommer Place HOA Board Positions Up For Elections.

Dear Sommer Place Neighbors,

This coming August the Sommer Place HOA Board will have four positions up for election.  The terms for the President, Treasurer, Secretary and Director positions will expire later this summer.

The HOA is looking for those who would be interested in running for this HOA Board position.  The names of any individuals who are interested in running will be placed on the ballot.  The ballot will be on the postcard with the HOA dues notice.  This will come out in late August or September.

Given the growing size of the neighborhood, these jobs are very important to all of us. These officers protect our neighborhood’s interests and are active participants in helping Sommer Place continue to be the great neighborhood that it is.  Please, please, please consider running for one of these important positions.

The time commitment consists of having a few Board meetings per year and one or two neighborhood meetings per year.  We have an attorney to handle any legal issues, and a management service to handle collection of dues in the fall.  It is a great opportunity to meet so many great people in the neighborhood that you might not otherwise meet.

We implore you to volunteer your time, talents and efforts and run for the HOA Board..

If you are interested in running for the Sommer Place HOA Board please e mail your name, address, board position you are interested in and contact information to

Anyone interested in running must submit their contact information by July 30, 2016.
A HOA Board member will then contact you and get you on the upcoming ballot.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The HOA Board

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